A Great Place to Work

What are our aims?

Main aim

To create an inspiring working environment and invest in committed and effective employees

KPI 2012/2013

  • Score of at least 75% for the Employee Engagement Index
  • Score of at least 24 for the Employee Net Promoter Score
  • 2.5% growth in the number of women in top management compared with the previous financial year (2011/2012: 28%)


  • Good career opportunities and pay
  • An effective way of working
  • Good leadership and teamwork
  • Facilitation of mobile working


  • Consideration for diversity amongst our employees
  • Responsible employer
  • Employees who do their bit for society

Why is this important to us?

The quality of the people we recruit, the way we retain them and how we invest in our people is essential for our future success. Despite the fact that the Dutch economy has been shrinking for a number of years and unemployment is rising, our experience is that the search for talent for niche jobs is more difficult than ever. We are also seeing the emergence of a generation that is looking for an enterprising way of working and inspirational leadership. It is important that employees know our products and services well and are prepared to recommend them to third parties. Committed and loyal employees will continue working for us and are the best ambassadors; they contribute actively to the success of our business, better productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

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