A Great Place to Work


What have we done well?

  • Mobile working puts 76% of our employees in a better position to achieve a balance between their work and private life.
  • We have launched an initiative to actively involve interested employees from all parts and locations of the organisation in the development and improvement of our vision, strategy and customer experience. The best ideas for improving and simplifying the customer experience are implemented immediately.
  • According to our employees, background and gender do not present a barrier to progressing within the company (+ 1 point).
  • The number of women in top management rose once again (+5%).
  • We are working together with the municipality of Nijmegen to get people who are detached from the labour market working in our shops.
  • Employees believe that work is organised well in the team (+6) and that Vodafone provides high-quality products and services (+9).

What can we do better?

  • We want to further improve management within the organisation by providing even better support to line managers and helping them develop even further.
  • The ENPS has fallen compared with the previous financial year. To improve this score, we are providing training on our products and services, amongst other measures.
  • To increase the rating of the Speed and Simplicity values, we organised 16 Simplicity sessions in which 112 employees participated. Based on the results from these sessions we have determined concrete actions for making improvements.
  • Being recognised as a good and responsible employer remains a challenge.
  • Vodafone is currently working on a plan to create jobs for people who are unable to get work without reintegration support.

What do our stakeholders say?

Trainee Max Kranendijk (27), Commercial Operations department:

“I came into contact with Vodafone as an employer for the first time via the TEDxRotterdam 'CEO for one day' event. This event gave me the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes for one day and share my critical insights with the business. The relaxed and informal culture, the mobile working and the speed of the business immediately appealed to me. These are qualities that you do not encounter in such a balanced way in many companies. It is also a company where you have to work together a lot rather than competing against each other in order to be successful.” 

Cost savings

Due to the poor economic climate in the Netherlands it was necessary for us to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency. We endeavoured to limit compulsory redundancies as far as possible, but were forced to give 71 employees notice of redundancy. The Works Council was actively involved in the entire process. It persuaded Vodafone to limit the number of redundancies and argued for an active outplacement process, which actively supported people from job to job. Our recruiters supported these people in finding a new job.

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