A Great Place to Work

What are the results?

How do we achieve our results?

Good career opportunities and pay

We offer our employees the opportunity to grow and develop by formulating personal development targets and by employing a remuneration system that is clear and fair.

An effective way of working

By means of a clear and transparent appraisal process we help managers set clear and achievable targets together with employees.

Good leadership and teamwork

Our line managers develop their management skills each year via sessions that are run specifically for them. In addition, all members of the Board of Directors and senior management team have participated in an intensive three-day workshop on our values (simplicity, speed and trust) and working as a team.

Facilitation of mobile working

We offer employees the necessary facilities to allow them to take advantage of mobile working and therefore contribute to a better work-life balance and reduced use of paper and printers. We encourage both employees and visitors to use public transport to travel to our offices. To discourage visitors from using their car when visiting our office in Amsterdam, we do not have any parking spaces available.

Consideration for diversity amongst our employees

We have committed to the target of 50% growth in the number of women in top management in 2016 compared with 2011. We are also working to employ people who are detached from the labour market, such as the long-term unemployed.

Responsible employer

The health and safety of our employees is essential. We therefore make sure a healthy lunch is provided at the offices and that precautionary measures are in place to prevent accidents and absence from work. In addition, we give employees the opportunity to exercise within office hours under the supervision of professional instructors and the office in Amsterdam has its own sports facilities. Furthermore, we integrate sustainability into the targets of all Vodafone departments and the appraisal and remuneration of the Board of Directors and senior managers.

Employees who do their bit for society

As we have made voluntary work part of the Vodafone culture, an increasing number of people are participating in social projects. In collaboration with Nederland Cares, the Vodafone Foundation has set up a new volunteer platform. Vodafone gives each employee 1 day's leave each year to take part in one of these activities.

What are the results to date?

Employee satisfaction survey:

  • Employee Engagement Index: 76% (+2%)
  • Employee Net Promoter Score: 21 (-3)
  • Aggregated Manager Index 72 (+o)
  • Diversity & Inclusion 80 (+1)

Vodafone's values:

Employees assess the values as follows:

  • Speed 62 (-3)
  • Simplicity 45 (-3)
  • Trust 68 (+1)

Good leadership and teamwork

  • 80% of managers took part in workshops to improve their performance management skills.

Mobile working

Since the introduction of mobile working in 2008, Vodafone has made the following savings up to the end of 2012:

  • 40% savings on office space
  • 60% savings on facility costs
  • 29% savings on electricity
  • 80% less paper use
  • 25% less CO2 per employee per year


  • The percentage of women across our entire organisation fell by 4 percentage points in the 2012/2013 financial year compared with the previous financial year (from 38% to 34%). The drop in the number of women at Vodafone is linked to the acquisition of BelCompany.
  • The number of women in top management has increased by 7 percentage points (from 26% to 33%) since the 2010/2011 financial year. 
  • Last year, 60% of trainees were women.


  • This year sickness absence was 3.52% excluding pregnancies and 3.62% including pregnancies.

Employees who do their bit for society

  • Last year our employees clocked up 1,634 hours of voluntary work.

HR figures for Vodafone (including Retail BV)

How do we measure the results?

We measure the Employee Engagement Index (EEI) and the Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS) via the People Survey, the annual employee satisfaction survey.

Using the EEI, we measure the commitment of employees to Vodafone, their willingness to continue working for Vodafone and their will always to go the extra mile for the company. The index is calculated on the basis of the average score for seven questions and has a maximum score of 100.

The ENPS is used to measure the extent to which employees recommend Vodafone to third parties. It uses a 10-point scale, where 9 and 10 mean the employees are promoters (ambassadors of Vodafone) and 0 to 6 mean they are detractors (employees who do not recommend Vodafone or are negative about it). The ENPS is calculated by deducting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

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