A Playful and Connected Brand

What are our aims?

Main aim

To be a dynamic and daring telecom company that offers its customers an outstanding network, excellent customer service, innovative services and good value for money. We will only be able to achieve this by being accessible, open and easily approachable for customers and entering into dialogue with them.

KPI 2012/2013

  • Brand target: Brand Equity Score (BES) 15
  • Campaign target: Campaign Health Tracker - Cut Through Score 40/50


  • To build a consistent brand based on our company's brand values: Playful, Professional, Passionate & Personable.
  • To ensure that we become a 'connected brand' - a brand that is in touch with its customers.

Why is this important to us?

Our customers are the reason for our existence and we want to help them, inspire them and offer them new possibilities. By entering into dialogue with our customers and other stakeholders on an ongoing basis, we are able to gain an insight into their requirements and needs. We can then take these as the basis for our campaigns and proactively improve our processes, products and services.

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