A Playful and Connected Brand


What have we done well?

Last year we won the following awards, amongst others, with our campaigns:

  • Two SAN accent awards for our Vast-op-mobiel service and The Voice of Holland
  • AMMA award for The Voice of Holland
  • Spin Award for the Thuiscoach app for The Voice of Holland
  • Two Esprix awards for Grand Prix van Roggel and The Voice of Holland
  • Four SponsorRingen awards for Firestarters (x2), The Voice of Holland and for the Sponsor of the Year
  • Mobile Media award for our roaming campaign
  • Eurobest Award for The Voice of Holland
  • Dutch Interactive Award for Ondernemers Jackpot

What can we do better?

  • We have already started a dialogue with our customers in a variety of ways: via our social media channels (Vodafone Forum, Twitter, Facebook, Hyves), but also via customer surveys and our Smartphone Crew. We want to expand this to help us respond even more effectively to the requirements and needs of our customers.
  • We want to make our campaigns more consistent so that it is always clear what Vodafone stands for.

What do our stakeholders say?

From the jury report for the SponsorRing 2012 awards: "With its overarching brand promise 'Power to You' Vodafone dares to take risks and the company approaches sponsorship projects in a fully integrated way, including special business propositions. This year Vodafone got more than the maximum from its sponsorships. That means that this year the promise can justifiably become: Power to Vodafone.

Security vs privacy

When our personal information unintentionally falls into the hands of third parties, it can result in unpleasant situations. Receiving spam is one common example. Less common problems, albeit very serious ones, are instances of identity fraud or theft and the misuse of data. In these cases it is possible for tweets to be posted in another person's name, for example, for money to be withdrawn from a bank account or for orders to be placed in online shops - all without permission. Many consumers are not properly informed about the potential risks and the steps they can take themselves to protect their personal data, such as using antivirus apps. Last year Vodafone launched a campaign to make customers aware of the importance of better protecting personal data on their mobile phones, for example by using the Mobile Protect app or the Contact Backup app.

Price vs service

Our customers perceive Vodafone as being a relatively expensive telecom provider. In the current economic climate we are seeing more people switching over to other, less service-oriented telecom providers. Over the coming year we want to demonstrate even more clearly the value of quality.

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