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What are the results?

How do we achieve our results?

  • The growing number of smartphones in the Netherlands is making security an increasingly important issue. Research shows that one in four people lose their telephone at some point. Our customers do not appear to be that well informed about the possible unpleasant consequences of this. Last year we therefore ran the 'Your phone is your everything' campaign to make people aware of what happens if you lose your telephone. Vodafone offers various solutions to minimise the consequences of such an event, such as keeping a back-up of your data and specific insurance policies.
  • In our collaboration with the TV programme The Voice of Holland we were once again able to bring something extra to the target group. In previous seasons we enabled viewers - via a second screen - to contribute to the discussion and - using the Thuiscoach app - to participate in the decision making. This year viewers were really able to join in. Via the extra Sunday broadcast of The Voice of Holland and the Singing Sunday app, viewers could sing along with the same songs that the contestants had sung on Friday in the live show. This gave our customers a new TV experience using their mobile phones.
  • With our own Vodafone Firestarters programme we are showing how the digital world is changing industries. Firestarters focuses on the trendsetters in the areas of music, fashion, film, photography, media and art. We offer masterclasses, live interviews, online documentaries and workshops in the Firestarters Forum and at events such as Amsterdam Fashion Week, IDFA, PICNIC, TEDx, Museumnacht [Museum Night] and the Amsterdam Dance event.

What are the results to date?

  • The Campaign Health Tracker studies reveal that there is an upwards trend in the cut through scores of our campaigns. Our most recent campaign 'Your phone is your everything' had a cut through score of 55. This means that 55% of the respondents have seen the campaign and associated it with Vodafone.
  • We are currently in second place in the Brand Equity Score with a score of 13.9.

Customers involved in campaign

As a starting point for the 'Your phone is your everything' campaign we entered into dialogue with our customers on social media. We asked users about their experiences of losing their telephone and the consequences of this. The most compelling examples were incorporated into TV commercials. To emphasise the fact that these were true stories, the customers concerned appeared on screen themselves to tell their story. We also conducted an experiment under the name 'The lost phone' in which we 'lost' 100 telephones in various locations in the Netherlands, such as in a bar or on the train. This experiment showed that the place where you lose a telephone influences how likely you are to get it back. We reached 90% of our target group with this campaign. Our customers valued the campaign and found it particularly helpful. We also witnessed a significant increase in demand for our apps and propositions for protecting your telephone and data.

How do we measure the results?

  • The Brand Equity Share measures the brand perception amongst Dutch consumers in comparison with competitors and is based on five components: performance, emotion, value, distinctiveness and brand recognition (measured by research agency Millward Brown).
  • For each major campaign we measure the Cut Through Score via the Campaign Health Tracker. This measures campaign recognition and whether the consumer associates the campaign with Vodafone (measured by research agency Millward Brown).
  • We also measure the number of followers on our social media.
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