About this report

About this report

This year Vodafone Netherlands is publishing an integrated annual report for the first time. In this we report on our strategy and the performance of the company as a whole. Our aim is to show our stakeholders how we create value in the environment in which we operate. In addition to our own activities we therefore also focus on developments in society in the broadest sense (social, economic and environmental) and outline the dilemmas with which we have been faced over the past year. The reporting period runs from 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013.

Determining the content

The focus of our activities and reporting is on developments that are most relevant for our sector, our company and our stakeholders, as well as on the impact these have on our core processes and activities (see “How we create value” section). Achieving a balance between social, environmental, economic and financial issues was also an important factor when deciding on the content.

This report is based on the third generation of guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (G3.0) and has GRI application level B+. The guidelines of the Transparency benchmark of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs also served as a guide during the production of the report. Our reporting is based on the performance indicators that are relevant for our business operations in the Netherlands. As far as possible we used the GRI indicator protocols as a basis for the performance indicator definitions. We deviated from these if quantities/percentages per region were asked for. Due to the size of the Netherlands and the organisation, reporting on a regional basis is not relevant. We also deviate from LA10, because we work with training budgets instead of an average number of hours.

The scope

The scope of the report covers Vodafone Netherlands, comprising the activities of Vodafone Libertel BV, Vodafone Retail BV and Telespectrum, unless indicated otherwise. The data in this report relates to the performance of Vodafone and not to that of our subcontractors and suppliers and/or to other indirect effects, as we do not have access to this information. Vodafone Group Plc reports on international performance in the area of sustainability, see www.vodafone.com. For more information on our activities please visit our website www.vodafone.nl.

Measurement methods and data collection

The following systems were consulted for data collection:

  • The quantitative data relating to personnel information was collected via the SAP data management system.
  • The financial data was collected via SAP and the figures were then consolidated via Hyperion Financial Management software.
  • The quantitative data relating to environmental information was collected via the Envoy data management system.
  • The qualitative data was collected via questionnaires based on the GRI indicators, which were sent to the persons concerned by e-mail.

The captions accompanying the tables and graphs indicate what the figures are based on. In the materiality matrix we plot the issues about which our stakeholders are most concerned against the issues that have the greatest impact on our company's success. The matrix is based on an electronic survey of relevant social themes for Vodafone conducted amongst internal and external stakeholders and on insights that have been acquired from stakeholder dialogues. This year fewer people participated in the electronic survey than in other years.

Changes in relation to previous reporting years

Vodafone Netherlands has been reporting annually on its performance in the area of sustainability. This is the first time the company has published an integrated report. As we are publishing more data this year, it is not always easy to make comparisons with the data from previous years' reports. There are also deviations in the figures compared with previous years due to the acquisition of BelCompany and Telespectrum.

Assurance policy

This report has been reviewed by Ernst & Young and an assurance report with limited assurance has been issued. Vodafone has its integrated report reviewed to increase the reliability of the reporting for stakeholders. Vodafone Netherlands and Ernst & Young have an independent relationship in the sense that Ernst & Young does not carry out any activities for Vodafone Netherlands other than reviewing this integrated report. The financial data (Key figures and results: Financial table and the Financial performance section) are based on the annual account of Vodafone Libertel B.V. 2012/2013. Vodafone has assigned Deloitte Accountants B.V. to audit the annual account of Vodafone Libertel B.V. 2012/2013.

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