An Improved and Leading Reputation

What are our aims?

Main aim

To improve our reputation by analysing the needs of each stakeholder to ensure that we discuss the right subjects with the right people, anticipate these as effectively as possible, take action and communicate what we have done.

KPI 2012/2013

  • A place in the top 10 of the RepTrak
  • A place in the top 10 of the Transparency benchmark


  • Structured and proactive stakeholder engagement
  • Promotion of transparency by means of open communication and dialogue through various channels
  • Greater communication about the positive contribution telecommunications make to society
  • Effective issue and crisis management

Why is this important to us?

In our opinion a good reputation is important as it creates a positive force of attraction. We believe that a good reputation puts us in a better position to attract and retain customers and employees and to increase our competitive advantage. For various reasons our sector has suffered from a poor reputation for many years. We want to improve this by working together with the sector organisation Nederland ICT, amongst other things. Due to the importance of our infrastructure for society and our reputation, politicians pay a great deal of attention to the telecom sector, resulting in a strictly regulated market. If we show that we are able to tackle issues positively ourselves, politicians will be less inclined to intervene. Self-regulation makes it possible to take sector-specific circumstances into consideration. The result that politicians have in mind for the end user can therefore often be achieved better by means of a sectoral approach. We have to deal with many different stakeholders with various interests. These interests must be weighed up carefully. It is important to listen attentively so that we are able to gain a good understanding of wishes and concerns and can address these effectively and anticipate them. We also want to cultivate understanding for the choices we make and work actively with stakeholders to achieve better solutions.

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