An Improved and Leading Reputation

What are the results?

How do we achieve our results?

Structured and proactive stakeholder engagement

As the impact of our products and services is high, stakeholders are understandably often demanding. By entering into dialogue with stakeholders, we are able to find out what is important to them, we can identify and tackle issues promptly and can build up relationships and find ways to improve our activities. Besides improving our own reputation we are also working together as a sector (Nederland ICT) to improve the reputation of the telecom sector as a whole. Within this collaboration work is being carried out to make improvements in three areas: the continuity of telecommunications as a critical infrastructure (e.g. regional roaming), the security of telecom services (e.g. the reporting of security problems) and insight into the telecom sector's contribution to Dutch society and the Dutch economy. (see Management for the stakeholder process and How we create value for the stakeholder overview)

Promotion of transparency by means of open communication and dialogue through various channels

Our communication with stakeholders has changed over the last two years. Social media are making it easier to enter into dialogue directly. Since 2011 we have been keeping a corporate blog where the members of our Board of Directors write blog posts on subjects that are occupying them, our customers or other stakeholders. Our Director of Commercial Operations, for example, has written several blog posts about the steps Vodafone is taking to give customers more control over the costs of their mobile phone. Stakeholders can respond to this directly and receive a response back. We are also active on Twitter. In 2012 we sent 100,000 public tweets. Images often say more than words and we therefore use YouTube videos to convey certain messages, such us updates from our CEO concerning the disruption that resulted from the fire or communications about internet speeds from our Consumer Market Director. In addition to an annual report, each quarter we also send a newsletter to more than 400 stakeholders concerning the most important activities and developments in the area of sustainability.

What are the results to date?

  • RepTrak: no. 12
  • 2nd in the annual Social Media Monitor
  • 8th place in the Transparency benchmark for the 2011-2012 Sustainability Report

Media and children expert session

This year we organised an expert session on the subject of media and children during which four experts took part in a moderated discussion about the main risks children face when using digital media and what can be done about these. Vodafone subsequently asked the experts for feedback on the Kinderen Veilig Verbinden [Connecting Children Safely] programme.

Video about sustainability at Vodafone

Want to find out more about sustainability@Vodafone?

Read our quarterly newsletter detailing the latest developments.

Contribution to society

Many people are unaware that there are now 609,375 devices in the Netherlands containing Vodafone SIM cards that are connected with one another, the internet or an exchange and what benefits this brings to society. Examples include security cameras, cars, medical equipment and smart meters, as well as the possibility of calling for immediate assistance in the event of an emergency using a HELP! app.

How do we measure the results?

  • Using the RepTrak the Reputation Institute measures our reputation on the basis of various reputation drivers compared with our key competitors.
  • The Transparency benchmark gives us an insight into the level of transparency of our reporting compared with other companies. This benchmark is an annual study examining the content and quality of the social reporting of Dutch companies. It is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • The Social Media Monitor is an annual study by Social Embassy which examines the use of social media by the Netherlands' top 100 advertisers based on gross media spending in the Netherlands (Source: Nielsen Research). The study consists of a survey amongst the companies which looks at their organisation of social media, their ambitions and their results, as well as an assessment by Social Embassy in terms of activity, interactivity and the building of communities. Based on this information the companies are given a score between 0 and 100.
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