How we create value

Internal environment

In 2012 we also analysed our internal organisation. We looked at our employees, our customers, what is necessary for the future, our brand and our reputation.

The most important findings are listed below:

  • Employees - Vodafone has well-trained employees who deliver high quality. Areas that require further attention are employees' commitment to the company, pride in our products and services, and working methods (making processes simpler, quicker and clearer).
  • Customers - it is positive that we have been able to gain market share over the last few years. Our challenges are to listen more carefully to our customers and to improve the customer experience.
  • The future - ¬†focus on major projects with long-term goals is essential if we are to be prepared for the future. This mainly concerns the network and IT infrastructure, the development of innovative products and services, better distribution and the creation of a culture that encourages and facilitates innovation.
  • The brand - we are an award-winning brand. We have a strong position in social media, but to date have not had one clear element that sets us apart. That is our aim with 'Always Easiest'.
  • Our reputation - we do not enjoy a good reputation even though we are part of a sector that has a huge (potential) positive impact on society. Improving the reputation of the sector as a whole via the sector organisation Nederland ICT is a major challenge.
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