Power to you: employee co-determination

The works council (WC) is involved in various matters that affect employees. These vary from small and large-scale reorganisations through to the outsourcing of business units of Vodafone Netherlands to other companies. Important issues in the area of health and safety and labour matters are also permanently on the agenda. The WC advises, takes the initiative and gives its approval before certain regulations are introduced. It is made up of 15 members with an executive committee consisting of a chairman and two vice-chairmen, an administrative secretariat and permanent and temporary committees.

Embedding sustainability within the organisation

Klaske de Jonge, Director of Corporate Affairs & Strategy at Vodafone Netherlands, has primary responsibility for strategy and implementation in the area of sustainability. She reports directly to the CEO. The Privacy & Sustainability team, which is made up of five employees (as at 31 March 2013), forms part of the Corporate Affairs & Strategy Business Unit and has primary responsibility for integrating sustainability into the organisation. The Head of Privacy & Sustainability reports to the Director of Corporate Affairs & Strategy.

Every month the Privacy & Sustainability team gives a presentation on progress in the area of sustainability results to the CEO, CFO and other members of the Board of Directors. Within the context of issue, reputation and stakeholder management a working group has been set up in which all business units are represented at senior management level, as well as a steering group comprising the CEO, CFO, Director of Corporate Affairs & Strategy and the Public Affairs and Public Relations managers, supplemented by other members of the Board of Directors depending on the agenda. The working group identifies, analyses and addresses stakeholders' concerns and wishes and (potential) issues, risks and opportunities in relation to economic, social and environmental matters. Every six to eight weeks the working group reports and gives a presentation to the steering group on the analysis and status of agreed action items. In addition, Vodafone Netherlands reports twice a year to Vodafone Group Plc on its performance in the area of sustainability. Sustainability targets are agreed with every department within Vodafone Netherlands and the departments are accountable for these. All members of the Board of Directors have joint and individual KPIs in the area of sustainability, e.g. KPIs based on employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and reputation benchmark scores. As part of the fixed assessment cycle, which takes place throughout the financial year, the results of the Board of Directors and its individual members are evaluated, assessed and rewarded.

The basis for our management and policy

The Vodafone code of conduct was developed to ensure that Vodafone's employees always make well-considered decisions. The code of conduct is our central policy document and sets out what we expect from everyone who works for and with Vodafone. It also underlines our responsibilities towards our people, partners and shareholders. The code of conduct helps us all to make informed decisions and tells us where we can find more information. Our Business Principles form the basis for the way we do business, wherever we are working, and form the core of our code of conduct. An overview of relevant policy documents can be found in the GRI index under indicator 4.8.

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