How we create value


The vision, expressed in "Always Easiest", is central to our core activities and sets out clearly what we want to achieve.

To realise it, we focus on five points:

“We start with our people, as they are the key to our success”
- Rob Shuter, CEO.

  1. First and foremost we focus on our people and their talent. The quality of the people we recruit, the way we retain them and how we invest in them is essential for our success. They are the foundations on which we build our organisation. That is why we want to increase their commitment to Vodafone and make them proud ambassadors of our products and services. We also want to work more simply.
  2. In addition, we focus on the way in which we handle our customers, how we communicate with them, what products we develop for them and the experience we offer them. We want to make processes simpler for them, make an effort for them and be accessible to them online.
  3. We also look towards the future. We are making considerable investments to ensure our network and IT systems are ready to cope with rapidly changing needs and we encourage and facilitate innovations through the use of mobile technology.
  4. The fourth point is about how we project our brand and how we enter into dialogue with customers. We want to stand out on the basis of convenience and playfulness. We want to be warmer and more playful in the way we communicate and, in particular, to exude fun.
  5. Finally, we focus on our stakeholders. They are important to each of these points of focus. We want to understand the most important concerns of every stakeholder, so that we can enter into dialogue with the right people. We want to take a clear position on important issues and communicate this proactively. In addition, we want to distinguish ourselves more in relation to the issues of sustainability, leadership, good management and involvement in society.

We have translated these five points of focus into five strategic pillars:

  • A Great Place to Work
  • The Easiest Place to do Business
  • Building for the Future
  • A Playful and Connected Brand
  • A Leading and Improved Reputation

In the Performance section we will look at the aims, KPIs, results, points for improvement and dilemmas for each strategic pillar in the 2012/2013 financial year.

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