The Easiest Place to do Business

What are our aims?

Main aim

To create an optimal customer experience by offering a consistent and uncomplicated service in an accessible way.

KPI 2012/2013

  • 1st place for the Net Promoter Score (NPS), at least 5 points ahead of the next best scoring competitor
  • Score of >80% for Customer Effort Score
  • To collect 100,000 used handsets for recycling and reuse


  • A consistent and uncomplicated service via a variety of channels.
  • A simple and transparent offering tailored to current customer needs.
  • Easy and safe for everyone:
    • Making it attractive and easy for customers to hand in old handsets. More information about privacy.
    • Eco-score on 100% of handsets.
    • Information, tools and products for parents so that their children are able to use mobile telephony safely and responsibly.

Why is this important to us?

Our customers are becoming increasingly dependent on their mobile telephones or tablets. Besides relevant products and a high-quality network, they expect an outstanding service. It is therefore important that we make our customer processes, communication and services clear and simple for our customers.

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