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What have we done well?

  • The My Vodafone app has been updated to give customers an even better insight into their consumption.
  • The Smartphone crew has been expanded (in shops, online and on the telephone).
  • The NPS for customer service and in our shops has improved.
  • There is a 24/7 Web Crew.
  • Introduction of a new form of subscription (Vodafone RED, see results)
  • There is a multi-SIM which enables a single subscription to be used for both a smartphone and a tablet.
  • Online information for customers on privacy and security.

What can we do better?

Improve the customer experience and increase convenience for customers in relation to:

  • The use of our products and services abroad (see box).
  • Insight into and control of usage and costs (see roaming).
  • Buying our products and services and having them delivered.
  • House-to-house sale of fibre-optic services (read more)


Last year OPTA [the Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority] investigated Vodafone's Alles-in-een op Reis bundle as there was no roaming cap, a feature that is required by law. The roaming cap was deactivated as the bundle did not work otherwise. We informed customers about this at the time, but in spite of this it was not clear to all customers. We have therefore improved our communication in relation to this, for example in the welcome message that is received when people cross a national border, and we make telephone contact with customers who run up more than EUR 100 in roaming costs within 1 day.

House-to-house sale of fibre-optic services

Vodafone has been active on the triple-play market (television, telephone and internet) via the fibre-optic network under the name Vodafone Thuis since 2011. Bart Combée, director of the Dutch consumer organisation Consumentenbond, argued that Vodafone's contracts were not legally valid. Vodafone did not share this opinion, but recognised that the registration process could have been more transparent. We have introduced a number of improvements in consultation with the Consumentenbond. We have personally approached Vodafone Thuis customers who were still waiting for their fibre-optic connection and offered them the opportunity to terminate their contract within eight days. Additional quality controls are in place for new customers. Over the past few months Vodafone has telephoned all new customers to make sure that the expectations of the buyer and seller correspond. We have also mentioned the statutory cooling-off period and cancellation option on the registration form that customers sign at the door. Finally, we are giving our salespeople more intensive training and monitoring them more closely. With these improvements we have removed any lack of clarity for customers.

What do our stakeholders say?

The Consumentenbond is positive about the level of transparency of the new subscriptions. It states as follows on its website: "By taking mobile internet as a basis with a large data allowance and making calls and minutes (almost) unlimited, Vodafone Red gives a transparent impression. It is clear what you are buying and the risk of being confronted with unexpected costs is small. This is a positive development. Attention is still needed with regard to the 'Extra options', such as the expensive handset insurance. This increases the monthly bill considerably."

"Mobile safety and digital awareness are preconditions for achieving trust in and acceptance of innovation and the growth of mobile technology. The same applies, perhaps to an even greater extent, when it comes to children. Vodafone is showing that it is taking responsibility and we applaud that. The business community and government must work together to create a safer digital environment, but also to educate parents, teachers and children themselves about the digital world. Together there is still a lot we can do in this area!", Marjolijn Bonthuis – Krijger, deputy director of ECP, Platform voor de InformatieSamenleving [Platform for the Information Society]

In the Net Promoter Score, the majority of customers give us a rating of 7 or 8. Satisfaction with our customer service has increased over the past year.
Positive customer quote: "I was assisted quickly and competently. All my questions were answered."
Negative customer quote: "I'm being sent from pillar to post. No attempt is being made to find an effective and reasonable solution."

Reuse of telephones

Most people buy a new telephone every two years. Telecom providers therefore offer free or cheap handsets with subscriptions. From the perspective of sustainability this is not a desirable situation, as raw materials are scarce and old telephones create e-waste. On average households have 3 to 5 unused mobile telephones lying around the house. The number of unused telephones on the Dutch market is estimated at more than 20 million. Excellent use can be made of old mobile telephones. Vodafone encourages customers to sell their used telephone to Vodafone. In addition, Vodafone is working on long-term solutions to extend the useful life of telephone handsets. The introduction of Vodafone RED allows customers to opt not to take a telephone with their subscription and to continue using their old telephone.

High telephone bills

People are using apps, games and social media and watching high-definition television programmes on their tablet or telephone more and more. This has an impact on their data usage and, ultimately, their telephone bills. Vodafone's policy is geared towards letting customers choose themselves how much data they want to use. It is therefore important that customers are aware of data consumption and what this costs. Vodafone provides information on data usage. Nevertheless, this does not always prove sufficient and unfortunately customers are sometimes surprised by a high telephone bill later on. On top of the existing measures, we have therefore taken extra steps to draw customers' attention to the costs of data usage. You can read about the extra measures we are taking in the blog written by Harry Odenhoven, Director of Commercial Operations.

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