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What are the results?

How do we achieve our results?

A consistent and uncomplicated service via a variety of channels

Customers can contact us via various channels (in shops, by telephone and online). Online we offer contact via the customer forum, the chat service, the 24/7 Web Crew and social media. We guarantee a high level of quality by means of an in-house customer service team and by providing training. The bonus paid to service employees depends, amongst other things, on how customers rate the service. Customers can get help with questions about their smartphone and tablet from the Smartphone crew. For business customers there is an in-house service team, Bring Your Own Device support and a portal where it is possible to see whether maintenance work is being carried out on the network close to their business.

A simple and transparent offering tailored to current customer needs

Due to the transition from calls to data, we have introduced new subscriptions (Vodafone RED). The choice of subscriptions has been drastically reduced, making it easier for the customer to compare. Tariff information has been simplified and made more transparent thanks to the flexibility offered with regard to whether the customer pays for the smartphone in one go in advance or monthly as part of the subscription costs. Customers are now able to choose any handset to go with any subscription. Handset prices and subscription costs are clearly presented independently of one another. Customers also receive an SMS alert when they are close to exceeding their bundle. To prevent debts, we carry out credit checks. For business customers, mobile telephony in 43 countries where Vodafone has arranged preferential rates forms a standard element of the subscription.

Easy and safe for everyone

By means of various tools and information we give customers control over their own privacy and enable them to make conscious decisions that are good for the environment and for their children. Trade-in deals encourage customers to sell their used handset back to Vodafone.

What are the results to date?

  • Score of -13 for the Net Promoter Score amongst consumers.  
  • Score of -20 for the Net Promoter Score amongst business customers.
  • Customer Effort Score of 77%.
  • 114,279 used handsets collected.
  • 38,770 downloads of the Safety Net app for parents and children.

Easy and safe for everyone:

  • Online information for parents on how their child can use a mobile telephone safely and responsibly, support via tools and the Safety Net app (to protect children against bullying and ensure safe browsing) and a special Child Safe SIM.
  • Online information on privacy and data protection, including tips & tools.
  • The eco-score provides an insight into the level of sustainability of a handset and is provided on each telephone.

The webcare service has boomed:

  • The use of Facebook for the provision of services increased tenfold last year compared with 2011
  • In 2012, 48,829 direct messages were sent via Twitter. This represents growth of 250% compared with 2011
  • Traffic to the customer forum rose from 30,000 unique visitors in 2011 to 192,000 unique visitors per month in 2012
  • Vodafone was in 2nd place in the Social Media Monitor 2012
  • Research by the social media monitoring and webcare tool Coosto has revealed that Vodafone has the fastest social media customer service


Vodafone has been working together with Fairphone since 2012. Fairphone is a social enterprise that is aiming to bring a fair telephone onto the market. There is still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to the transparency of the production process for mobile telephones in particular. Fairphone and Vodafone have therefore concluded a contract to strengthen one another. Besides financial support it is mainly Vodafone's expertise relating to the use of mobile phones and their market that is important for Fairphone. We are also now collaborating internationally with the intention of assessing all Vodafone mobile telephones against the Fairphone standard. Fairphone is also using Vodafone's sustainability label, the eco-score, to identify, in particular, the most important environmental aspects of mobile telephones for the development of the Fairphone.

Mobile Safety for Children

Vodafone RED

Vodafone RED subscriptions enable customers to choose a subscription without unexpected call costs more easily. With a RED subscription customers can make unlimited free calls and send unlimited free texts, are given a data allowance of 1 GB per month and receive a replacement telephone if their current one breaks. Customers can also receive extras, such as 5 GB of storage in the cloud. To ensure we can offer an optimal experience, the network speed has been increased for all smartphones.

How do we measure the results?

  • Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) we measure the extent to which customers recommend Vodafone to third parties. The NPS uses a 10-point scale, where 9 and 10 mean the customers are promoters (ambassadors of Vodafone) and 0  to 6 mean they are detractors (customers who do not recommend Vodafone or are negative about it). The NPS is calculated by deducting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.
  • We have been measuring the Customer Effort Score (CES) since 2012. CES measures how much effort the customer has had to make to get a question answered or a problem solved via our customer service team or how much effort the customer has had to make to place an order in our online shop. CES is measured on a 5-point scale, where 1 represents little effort and 5 represents a lot of effort. The % relates to the respondents who give a rating of 1 or 2 on the 5-point scale.
  • On the basis of the First Time Fix rate we measure the extent to which complaints are resolved at the first time of asking.

Eco-score for mobile telephones

Eco Score logoThe Dutch eco-score is now being used in 14 countries, including Australia and New Zealand. The aim of the eco-score is to make our suppliers and customers aware of environmental aspects relating to mobile telephones. It is now incorporated into price negotiations with suppliers. 81% of our customers say that sustainability is important to them with regard to a future purchase. 50% of our customers plan to use the eco-score. At present, however, only 5% make use of the eco-score. In 2013 we therefore want to make the eco-score even more relevant to our customers. The eco-score has been nominated for the National ICT Environment Award 2013.

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