The year at a glance

The year at a glance

Disruption caused by the fire + sharing of networks

In April 2012 Vodafone was hit by a major fire that resulted in the network being down for a number of days. The sector-wide response was that providers will now share each other's networks in the event of major faults.

Network innovation

The repairs that were needed to the network as a result of the fire also presented an opportunity for investment. By upgrading the network, we will improve availability, capacity and stability.


Our customers must be confident that we respect their privacy. We make concrete promises relating to how their privacy is handled. One of our promises is that we provide a clear and complete insight into what details we hold about our customers and what we use these for.

Vodafone Firestarters

Vodafone Firestarters examines how the digital world brings innovation to industries, by focusing on the trendsetters in the areas of music, fashion, film, photography, media and art.

Connecting Children Safely

Children are not always aware of the risks to their safety when using the (mobile) internet. Vodafone supports parents and children via the Kinderen Veilig Verbinden [Connecting Children Safely] programme.

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