The year at a glance

The year at a glance

Mobiles for Good Challenge

Through the Mobiles for Good Challenge, the Vodafone Foundation promotes innovation in the area of healthcare.

Mobile internet usage

In February the Dutch consumer TV programme Kassa covered mobile data consumption and high telephone bills. Vodafone now gives customers an extra warning for data consumption abroad and telephones customers when they consume more than EUR 500 of data.

Spectrum auction

The spectrum auction of frequencies for mobile calls and internet in December was an important moment for the telecom sector. The new distribution meant changes to the market structure and new possibilities for the further roll-out of the 4G network.

Vodafone RED

In March Vodafone launched its new RED subscriptions, which offer simplified and clearer tariff information. Customers can choose any handset to go with any subscription or decide not to take a handset. It is completely up to the customer.

Mobile Request

During the 3FM Serious Request charity event, Vodafone collected more than 30,000 old handsets with its Mobile Request campaign. The total value was donated to the Red Cross.

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