How we create value

Vision, mission and values

After analysing the external and internal environment, we not only reviewed our strategy, but also our vision and mission.

Vision: Always Easiest

Society is becoming increasingly dependent on mobile technology. People are in contact with one another all the time. This has made people's personal and business lives faster and easier but, at the same time, more complex too. Our customers must be able to rely on our products and services, and our 24/7 service, completely. That is why we want to be easy and uncomplicated as a telecom company. We strive to offer our customers a consistent and uncomplicated experience by making it easy for them to use our products and services. We have expressed this as "Always Easiest". We want to be EASY to work with and EASY to work for. 'Easiest' is about standing out and always knowing the areas where Vodafone can do things better than its competitors. 'Always' stands for continuous improvement.

Mission: Enabling opportunities every day

Creating opportunities every day with the help of communication - that is what we stand for. This is about more than simply making a profit. It is also about the way in which we can make a positive contribution to society; by making mobile working possible, for example, enabling us to give our customers a degree of flexibility and freedom that they did not have before.

Values: The Vodafone Way

The Vodafone Way forms the framework for the way in which we can realise our vision and mission. Across the world we encourage our people to work in a customer-oriented manner and to be innovative, ambitious and competitive. To achieve this, we have a comparable working method in place in all the countries in which we operate, while also observing local values. Our three shared values are speed, simplicity and trust. For us, speed means that we focus on the dynamics of the market and are quick to improve, innovate and solve problems. Results are the most important thing for us and we take quality and security, as well as the financial future and reputation of the company, into account here. For us, simplicity means that we make things easy for customers, partners and ourselves by offering simple solutions and by removing obstacles that create unnecessary complexity. At Vodafone, trust means that we are reliable, that we conduct ourselves fairly, honestly and reasonably and that we respect the trust that our customers, business partners and employees place in us.

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